Trigen Logistics provides warehousing and logistical services to importers who distribute throughout North America.

Our Greater Los Angeles location provides streamlined access to the North American marketplace.

Originally founded in 1969 by Trygve “Trig” Lodrup, Service Air Cargo (SAC) was a major LTL provider in California during the 1970s and 1980s throughout California. As the company grew, more and more customers wanted warehousing services. The demand for warehousing services paved the way for us to form our DBA: Trigen Logistics Corporation.

Trygve “Trig Jr.” Lodrup, Trig's son, is the President of SAC and has worked in the family business since 1976.  Greg Lodrup, Trig Lodrup’s grandson, has worked at SAC since 1999, first in general office administration and now as Vice President.